What is PV UV IP?

PV (page view, page views)

Every time a user opens a website page, a PV is recorded. The user opens the same page multiple times, and the PV value accumulates multiple times. Mainly used to measure the number of web pages visited by website users. It is one of the most commonly used indicators for evaluating website traffic.

UV (unique visitor, website independent visitor)

A natural person who visits or flows websites through the Internet. The same visitor visits the website multiple times within a day, and only counts as an independent visitor. The introduction of this concept is to divide the access data from the perspective of individual users.

IP (Independent IP)

Within 1 day (00: 00 ~ 24: 00), the number of unique IPs to visit the website. The number of times a computer with a specific unique IP visits a website because this statistical method is relatively easy to implement and has a high degree of authenticity.

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