how it works is a shorten URL tool, our team created it. It let you can change a long URL into a shorter URL then you can receive statistics data include PV, UV, IP when people visit the shorter URL. You can be named your URL use a readability shorter name and custom it, e.g.

After doing it, you can use shorten URL and put it on any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter to test people whether like the post which the URL navigate to.

Today, we deploy it as ver 1.0, After that, we will continue to develop it. Currently, it has the following functions which you can freely use:

1. Shorten URL automatically and without login.
2. Convert your long URL into a custom URL.
3. Get statistics data when a URL been visited by people.
4. Can view the QR Code of the shorter URL, it’s free.
A couple of screenshot as below:
Normal short link generate
Custom short link generate
What is PV UV IP? About us


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