Do you distrust most short links? Or for security reasons, dare not click a short link?
Or, before you click on a short link, you want to know the corresponding long link, then the short link reverse query function that we launched today is just right for you. It can easily find out the long link corresponding to the short link you entered, Try it now

  1. Save the length of the URL and facilitate social communication.
  2. It is convenient for the background to track user statistics such as clicks and geographical distribution.
  3. Avoid keywords and domain name blocking methods.
  4. Hide the real address, suitable for paid promotion links.
  5. Simplify the QR code. If the link length is too long and the generated QR code image is too complicated, it will reduce the success rate of the QR code scan. The shortened URL QR code will be clear and easy to identify

PV (page view, page views)

Every time a user opens a website page, a PV is recorded. The user opens the same page multiple times, and the PV value accumulates multiple times. Mainly used to measure the number of web pages visited by website users. It is one of the most commonly used indicators for evaluating website traffic.

UV (unique visitor, website independent visitor)

A natural person who visits or flows websites through the Internet. The same visitor visits the website multiple times within a day, and only counts as an independent visitor. The introduction of this concept is to divide the access data from the perspective of individual users.

IP (Independent IP)

Within 1 day (00: 00 ~ 24: 00), the number of unique IPs to visit the website. The number of times a computer with a specific unique IP visits a website because this statistical method is relatively easy to implement and has a high degree of authenticity. is a shorten URL tool, our team created it. It let you can change a long URL into a shorter URL then you can receive statistics data include PV, UV, IP when people visit the shorter URL. You can be named your URL use a readability shorter name and custom it, e.g.

After doing it, you can use shorten URL and put it on any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter to test people whether like the post which the URL navigate to.

Today, we deploy it as ver 1.0, After that, we will continue to develop it. Currently, it has the following functions which you can freely use:

1. Shorten URL automatically and without login.
2. Convert your long URL into a custom URL.
3. Get statistics data when a URL been visited by people.
4. Can view the QR Code of the shorter URL, it’s free.
A couple of screenshot as below:
Normal short link generate
Custom short link generate

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